Mediterranean nature

Passion, creativity and gastronomy lovers.


Umeco is a Mediterranean character family driven by passion, creativity and gastronomy love.

The company founder used to work in fishery markets more than 50 years ago, the manager has been well stocked and formed in the most important universities of the European scene.

With this origins raised Umeco, a young and well experienced company. Our mission is to offer innovation, quality, extra value and something different to the clients.



We were born in coastal areas, we are sea passionate. Protect and preserve the wellbeing of the seas it is not just a priority but our philosophy, belongs to our gens. We select the best fishing grounds in the world where the sustainability fishing and the sea survival care is shared and part of the global mission. We use 100% recyclable packaging.


Umeco workers give a daily effort to deliver healthy and safety fish. The quality and security are essential for the business. The global management of the quality starts for reaching the excellence in hygiene and warehouse cleanliness as thorough control in processes and freshness chain protection. We are in the course of obtaining the most demanding certifications, quality and food security wise.


Umeco family works consistently to improve operations and product quality. Innovation is part of who we are, belongs to Mediterranean mentality and every worker values in this company. We keep constant collaboration with the greatest laboratories in our region sharing a clear goal, going one step forward, discover new processes that allow us to offer the highest quality, sustainability and flavor raw materials.


Since the very beginning we are focused to reach a great target; internationality, become global, reach everyone. Often you can meet us in the most important exhibitions in the world. This year you are very welcome to visit our stands of Brussels Seafood Expo Global (May 2019) and National restaurant association show, Chicago (May 2019).